Hello Low Food Labs

After our kick off in a barn in November of 2019, we’ve been working on setting up our first two Low Food Labs. These labs are culinary experiments that bring chefs, craftsmen, scientists and students together. We kick off with two promising subjects Grains and Water Lentils.

Low Food Lab: Grains

This Low Food Lab explores the new possibilities of uncommon ancient grains. Together with artisan baker Alice den Boer of Amarant bakery we are starting the experiment on Dutch grains that are almost forgotten. In this Food Lab we will look for lost knowledge and new ways to use these grains.

Participants of Low Food Lab: Grains

Low Food Lab Water Lentils

Water lentils are mostly known as duckweed. They are really interesting, because they contain a high amount of protein. One hectare of water lentils produces as much protein as ten (!) hectare of soy. But how will we eat them? What's the culinary value? These are the questions that chef Emile van der Staak (De Nieuwe Winkel) and nutrition and fermentation scientist dr. Bart Smit (Fermentor) will explore in their Low Food Lab!

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